Create, Think, Exist Inside the Box

When I was a child, I went to space. I fought battles with aliens, navigated asteroids and troubleshot issues with my spaceship’s control panel.
I also went on safaris, riding through vast, open fields alongside a plethora of animals.
I helped run spy operations, eavesdropping on our adversary and organizing intense ops.
I travelled through time in a time machine and encountered all sorts of interesting people and situations, while keeping the space-time continuum in tact.

I did all of this from the safety of cardboard boxes. (And admittedly, some of it from underneath my grandmother’s dining room table.)

Cardboard boxes were a thing of wonder and excitement when I was a child. Not because there was anything inherently exhilarating about the boxes themselves-I mean, really, they were just boxes! But add in the imaginative, creative, mostly uninhibited mind of a child, and there are no limits as to what that box could be.

So my limitless boxes and I went on many adventures.

I was reminded of this during a recent conversation with a friend of mine about the idea of thinking “inside of the box” versus thinking “outside of the box”. She referenced something she had heard (possibly from a TED Talk, although I have been unable to find the talk) about how we should “think inside the box”. This school of thought stems from the idea that thinking inside of the box has the ability to stimulate innovative ideas and radical creativity. When perceived limitations are seen as challenges and opportunities to think a bit more creatively and with some extra imagination, we are able to achieve so much more!

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