Allow me to introduce [God]


As Christians, it’s easy to slip into this misconception that God can fit inside the box. The box I’m referring to is the box of our human comprehension. But the Bible says that God’s ways are higher than our ways, and God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts. If this is true, then He can’t fit inside of the box of our comprehension. We will never fully understand God. What a mind-boggling thought for a species that loves to discover how things work.

In this day and age, when information comes so readily by talking to Siri or by doing a Google search on whatever smartphone you may have; or if you’re old-fashioned, by typing it into the address bar on your computer. 😉 But God can’t fit inside of a computer. He can’t fit inside of the latest iPhone or Android. He can’t even fit inside of the greatest minds of the greatest scientists.

What if we really believed that? What would our daily life look like? Would it look as it does now, or would it look like something a little bit more radical? What if we applied the same thought to ourselves? If this living God who can’t fit inside of a box dwells inside of us, then doesn’t that imply we can’t be put inside of a box either?

I know I have so often been guilty of putting God inside of a box. Whether the box is trying to figure out how God is going to do what He promised, or doubting that I am capable of doing what I’m called to (or even what’s in front of me). But I know that neither He nor I belong in this box of my carnal limitations and thoughts.

With God, everything is possible (Mark 10:20 7b).

It seems to me, that there is a generation rising up that doesn’t believe that they belong in a box. Yet for whatever reason, they’ve been tricked into believing that they can fit inside of one. It’s time to step out of this box, and in order to do that we have to take God out of whatever box we have put Him in first. That may look a little different for everyone. However, whatever that means for you in the season you are in, I challenge you to take Him out of that box. As you do so, I believe that He will begin to take you out of the box that you’ve put yourself in as well!

Lots of Love,



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